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  1. Yes, my friend. Very often. : )
  2. Its a rare situation. Best thing to do with hackers for now is making own room ( no password one ) and just to kick who you want. And ofcourse hoping, that Link will not timeout and to not be the "king" of the room anymore. : ) Worst scenario is when people don't understand why you end the game and they don't see that you make a new room and continue to stay in a public one and you stay alone in your own room. Then maybe a microphone is a good idea... : )
  3. Because in your situation, your ISP obviously allow port forwarding and your telephone app can only forward/open the ports on a local level. But as Swizzy said, if the ISP modems/ruters etc. are blocking the ports, you can't do anything ( maybe only calling your ISP to open some ports for you). ; )
  4. Oh, I forgot , that this can be seen there. And yes - it is pretty much what I need and yes - it is really two clicks. Thanks for pointing this out . : )
  5. Please, don't sorry, everything is more than enough and thank you !
  6. Is it possible to have it, like how we could see it in FSD? It is not so important for me, because I already apreciate all the things and the hard work, you did for our RGH/JTAG xbox-es, but maybe it would be a nice script addition too. : )
  7. Thank you! Phew, i was so worried it was something worse! : )
  8. I have this on the picture - coolrunner REV D, with the label CORONA on it, flashed with jasper timing files. But If it starts xell every single time, from the first glich signal, I don't think point B is needed for my setup.. ?
  9. I found that it is the point B on the CR, when I solder this point on the CR, the green light on the console don't turn on. With the others it boots. My connection to the motherboard is good on point B. Hmm... what could be... May be to inspect the CR traces from this point? EDIT: Oh glich to Xell first time without Point B connected??? Haha, what I need point B for? : D EDIT2: , same thing with me, same chip, is it somehow prepared for CORONA and not need of STBY_CLK ? If it is, i am so happy and thank you again !!
  10. Thank you, I will check the CR very closely now. It can be a bad flash to CR, you said? ( I hope the second one, because i can try much more things with the flasing ). Interesting thing is that if i start the consle with CR installed - no boot ( no green light on xbox ), but if I disconect the power supply in this moment and then connect it again, console shows green light. Nothing loads and CR not trying to glitch ( green light on CR off , but red on ).
  11. Thank you so much for the information ! Now i need help again. Everything is set up for RGH 1, the coolrunner chip is programmed for jasper. But when i connect it to the board - there is the only bright red light on the coolrunner. But when i start the console, nothing happens. No green light on the console. Console works fine without the coorunner and with stock nand. Also it starts ( green light on the console ) with 3v3 line out of the coolrunner ( ofcourse it loads nothing ). The hacked .Ecc is ofcourse flashed with nandpro and +w64 command. What the problem could be? I will try RGH 1.2 next, to see if this will change something ( with Glich 2 .ecc ).
  12. It is already banned, i will try RGH 1 again, first, which is compatible with 13..... dashboard. : )
  13. Thank you so much, for the fast answers, my friends! This world need more people like you, who are ready to help others ! Really apreciate the support ! I will try now with a new coolrunner rev D chip, RGH 1 method. Trying to use good cables and best positioning. If not work, i will flash the needed retail nand and try RGH 1.2. By the way, I am not using the DVD drive ( it was on LT 2 hack ), so it is not important for me to be able to run DVD's with new games on it. Also I have all the keys ( CPU , DVD ) and good original nand dumps from before ( only 4 bad blocks in not important positions, already remaped with j-runner, and console were working with them up to this day). And yes, the console starts with the original nand without problems.
  14. Haha, true that, but I will try RGH 1 first. The story is, that the trace going from the alternative post_out point, to the CPU is cutted ( under the heatsink ), so the post_out pad will not work too. I know this trace is not need for a normal xbox, without any modification. So.. i will try to solder directly to the trace after the cut ( which going to the CPU ), instead of soldering both ends of the trace and then soldering to the ALT post_out point. Any suggestions here? : ) And one more question - what mostly is the problem, when I hear that vents pulsing in 5 sec, a.k.a. xbox trying to glitch, but there is black screen only, and there is only the middle green light on the xbox ( the glicher is a coolrunner clone, so no leds on it ). The xbox works perfectly with stock nand.
  15. Because the post_out + the alternative post_out points, used in rgh 1 , are a bit broken in this xbox : P . And using a scratched trace for a soldering point is not that good at all. : )