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  1. Hello everyone, We know it's been a long length of time since the last update; but we are getting closer! Instead of putting together a detailed preview post with images and text descriptions, I instead opted to make a MovieMaker video showing a preview of the features. While I realize the video isn't great, hopefully it does its job to convey what we are looking to include as part of Aurora 0.7b. We appreciate your support and hope you look forward to the next release! Donations: If you like what we're doing here, feel free to buy us a virtual beer or something! Thanks!
  2. The original request was implemented. I am going to be closing this thread.
  3. I don't think we'll offer different gizmo sizes at the end of the day. I think it is best that you work within the size structure we currently have. You can use multiple tabs, or multiple scenes if you need to. If you REALLY need a scene that big, i recommend creating a custom skin.
  4. We have many Unity API calls implemented that use API key (everything Aurora uses is based on an API key UnityAPI). However, FriendsList is something we never finished implemented on the API side cause we never got there with FreestylePlugin or Nova. For now, it seems what you may be trying to do with XboxUnity Friends is not possible.
  5. Unfortunately, modifying the height or width of the host scene won't be possibly without modifying the skin. The way the GizmoHostScene works is that your gizmo.xur is loaded into memory, and the root object is injected into the Dialog box. The dialog box is then connected to your script via callbacks and listeners that help enable functionality outside of your gizmo.xur, like setting command functions or command text. The Dialog Box itself is something that is sized and created by the skin creator. As for dynamic xui controls. The best thing to do is create all the controls you want and show/hide like gavin said. By doing this, the load time might be slightly slower on the gizmo scene, but once running it wont be subject to flickering or control creation times and will just work. Note that in Aurora, we don't have any instances of dynamically creating controls. It's just too complex when we enable custom skins and visuals to link it all up and make it work. Its best to let the skinner decide what controls will exist and where. There are plenty of methods available for hiding and showing controls, or moving them around once they are created.
  6. The FFMPeg library is a bit bulky for what we'd be trying to do with it, its pretty tough to strip those libraries out and get them to compile in a different environment since they have so many dependencies. I'd like something like tinymp3.c or something where is a single file mp3 decoder into Xbox 360 audio format. But I am not sure that exists with out a bit of work.
  7. I'll look into this option in future releases and see if there is a way I can implement it that doesn't break the existing functionality.
  8. 1. I can look into some of those, but if it's not an exposed piece of API from the XDK, i probably won't dig any deeper for it. Some of this stuff is already implemented. 2. Something like this is possible, see posts above. 3. Responded to this, see above (re: Skin Scripts) 4. We're adding a mininumAuroraVerison variable that will start in 0.7b+ that will enable users to define the minimum version of Aurora necessary for your script to run (due to new or updated APIs). My design goal is to not modify or remove old APIs so original scripts will always work. We'll see how that pans out. 5. MessageBox is part of the active Skin. It won't be resizable unless you create a skin that has a larger message box. Also, no scroll bars. Use a Gizmo Scene if you need more space.
  9. 1. Noted 2. Noted Skin Scripts: Nope, not happening in its current form. Avatar Library: Maybe. Never will be an editor, but maybe a library that allows you to view Player1s avatar. We'll see. D3D Support: Nope Audio Library: I tried so hard to port over a mp3 library to Xbox360 and play it on the Xbox360, and I had to put it on the back burner. If anyone has a mp3 library they can get running on xbox360, I will incorporate it into an mp3 library for LUA. I'd love to see a music list and player (even if its limited to only playing while the script is running). As for other sounds. I think that will be limited to what is possible in XUITool.
  10. 1. Noted 2. You can already do that. However, it is not tied to Utility Scripts. There is a file somewhere in the media folder (can't remember where) that is called main.lua. That file gets executed at boot. MAYBE ( and I have not tested this ), you can use your Utility Script to modify that file..... and in your modified main.lua, its self deleting.... who knows. Currently there are no plans to extend Utility Scripts beyond just the utility scripts menu. 3. Current, no plans to extend scripts in this way. Utility Scripts are utilities, they are meant to run in a self contained process that will eventually end. If we do something like "skin scripts" or "boot scripts" or w/e, it will be in a different form. The reasoning behind that is that XUI is a massive library, and the custom LUA tools to do modifications that you are suggesting are a lot more involved that what we have right now in Utility Scripts.
  11. You can also use the 'Disc Number' subtitle in the game options, which will show you which disc number the selected game is. Then you can choose to hide it, if its a number you don't want visible.
  12. Hey guys, its awesome you're making use of our utility script feature! I can't wait to see what else comes out. I did note the missing functionality for Http download callback and Swizzy is right, we did overlook it. I'll be adding that in the next version of Aurora. If you guys have any other requests for features in the utilitys script stuff, let me know. I'll review it all and see what i can and can't do!
  13. Based on the memory addresses in your .callstack files- it appears the crash is in the plugin..... maybe try deleting FreestylePlugin.xex from your plugin directories, doing a cold boot or hard reboot of your xbox 360 and seeing if the error continues.
  14. The web interface actually uses the plugin's screenshot combo to take screenshots. The web interface is also how you can browse your screenshots that you've taken using the screenshot combo. You could download those images from your web browser at that point.