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  1. Having this same problem on 0.6b. Did you find a solution???
  2. I tried to reconnect everything, but it remains the same. Only the title Id numbers, no name. Don't know what could be. I found this was implemented in 0.3b.
  3. Yes I am. I already downloaded all assets and all. But all I get in file manager in content folder are title Id numbers. Could be that I updated from 0.5b via ota (directly from the aurora option)?
  4. Hello everyone. First of all thanks to all the devs team for their great work with aurora. I have been really happy with it. now the issue: I updated my xbox 360 to the latest aurora and found something. In the last version before I updated when I went to -file manager-hdd1-Content- I could see the name of the game right by the side of the title id number (ex. 425307F4 [the evil within] ), in this last update all there is are the numbers. I had to go online and find which Id was the one I was needing to find some saves. I just want to know if there's something I need to do in order to make the names appear, or if it's a feature that has been disabled. I think is great being able to know the name game in file manager. Makes finding anything much simpler. i hope someone answers. Thanks in advance. Greetings from Colombia.
  5. I really like aurora, i wanted to leave fds behind, but the issue with connecx is huge. Maybe a while back it did't work smoothly, but now it works perfect, the loading times are just a few seconds apart, from "normal" times, and when a game is having any problems, the solution is simple: convert to god. I think it's a tool that has been forgotten, because people don't know how to use it or they have no hdd/space issues. I think it works perfect, even when it hasn't been updated (somebody should care). Another tip that's worked for me is the windows 8 fds3 skin, is so well made that is incredibly easy and user friendly, it even has option for the coolers, and makes everything looks like microsoft should have. It made me stop my aurora rush😋. Now the only thing it doesn't have that aurora does is the trainers, and dlc, direct download. But making this short, i was going for aurora, but at the end they're cool but still a little behind. THEY SHOULD BECOME FRIENDS AND MAKE TOGHETER ONE HELL OF A DASH.