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  1. I have a red, green, purple, white screen that's brutal on the eyes How do you change the background? I see some png's in the main folder
  2. That didn't work Seem this is an issue with many users
  3. Just put a bunch of games on, and i'm not getting any covers, despite saying downloading hard wired directly to router i can log into unity fine got api key fine created paths for aurora to find games rebooted tried a different router ip is good none of it seems to be workiing the only way is to use a usb and keep swapping back and fourth between pc and console suggestions?
  4. Internet connected valid ip, scanning and showing dowlnoading, but no box covers. I have tried reinstalling aurora, same issue. No plugins in dashlaunch. Livestrong is disabled, xhttp enabled. I can log into unity ok, and all box covers are there. Tried aurora asset editor to re-do the GC file, but aurora asset tells me the file has no assets, so that's a no go Fixed - in aurora asset, had to drag a box art to it and create a new GC file and transfer back to the game folder via usb
  5. None of these even show up as an option for me Download, install to aurora skins, go to change skin, and they are not there. Only the default is there. Tried rebooting console and same issue Checked file manager and the skins show up in the skin folder aurora 6
  6. Sadly, this doesn't work for me, after following tutorial I'm on 17502 Downloaded the link for avatar kinect update 17502 off first page on a fat32 usb flash drive. Insert into xbox rgh I still get update required to use kinect All i got is xexmenu on a separate 120GB flash drive plugged in I'll keep searching for a working solution..thanks for your effort though
  7. I wouldn't call them knock offs. I call them alternatives, and they all work fantastic. It even got better bringing RGH 1.2 to the table thanks to the "mad russian", instant boot, yes instant boot. I know many of you are aware of it As far as TX going down, i wonder if it was a threat from a parent regarding law suit? Somewhere along the lines of a 10 yr old "dad i want to buy this rgh xbox , please for my graduation" - "ok son, here is the money". 10 yr old gets it, directly connects to xbox live, and get banned "dad, i just got banned" dad says "WTF, where did you buy this from?" dad does research and contacts the website and threatens a lawsuit. Sometimes that's all it takes to shut you down they could of atleast made a one page website with their "current status" for their members vs just a re-direct...doesn't look good
  8. that didn't work. Doesn't allow me to download updates or anything even after rebooting the entire console
  9. I have entered my username and password into xbox unity = login successful when i try to enter my username and password into aurora to connect to xbox unity = api falure not enough characters I am on latest version of aurora suggestions? I have downloaded tu23 for gta v used aurora and pasted tu23 into the 000B0000 title folder - doesn't work It doesn't even show up in the title area suggestions?