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  1. English please I translated this for you. with google translate Who has freestyle dash with English to Russian translation?
  2. I believe they where having issues with the emails sending or something not sure if it was fixed @Mattie
  3. @Mattie
  4. @FeArCxDxGx looking at this post Now that the entire staff team replied to you, you did come off rude and offensive. ( now if that was intentional or not that's on you ) The fact that @gavin_darkglider or any moderator left it open for discussion and didn't ban you should let you know that we care about the members and what they have to say. If you where on another Site Modding website you would of been removed instantly. If you ever have any valid complaints about the moderation team Send a private message to a Site admin. If you are going to continue to argue with people and be rude i think the proper action would be to let you sit in time out for 1 month. The choice is yours

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      Well, now I can't because whoever changed my name to change your user name has locked my user name as ChangeYourUserName for a year......

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      Should you get the time Just use this _-=Static Pulse=-_ without the ' _-=  =-_  ' if the forum software won't allow it.

    4. Chrishockey55
  6. Fixed
  7. I have noticed an increase in accounts that have more then 18 characters in length and that use special Characters. I put a restriction on new account types to avoid this issue. If anyone Has an account that is longer then 18 chars in length and use special characters like ex. 39395-(zz --===#*%(@# ( please pm me the name you want and i will change it) If anyone notices a user posting with An account Please report that account And i will have his or her Account name changed. If you have an account that is already created that violates the above you can start a pm with me titled " Name change " and include the name you want it change to. Thanks
  8. There has been numerous topics of people having issues when downloading files on the site here. If you are using chrome this is how you fix it. when you see this error You go here you uncheck this If any other site issues occur please post them here
  9. thats fine but they need to be paid below minimum wage. probably for every 1 person they help in Spanish i would give them 15 cents
  10. " you can request a review of your site using Google's Webmaster Tools " Hmmm google doesn't like rms i guess. I will have someone request a review
  11. @Swizzy we need to hire spanish support
  12. I think he wanted to inquire about why he is having a problem with system link lol no idea im lost aswell he google translated it and it didnt make sense
  13. English Please