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  1. When you add a scan path, you don;t have to hit the scan button. it will start automatically one thing i notice, is you have odd scan paths set. you are scanning the system and flash drive? Adding both content\ and content\000000000000000000 is also not really needed. and your scan depths don;t need to be that high. also setting content\0000000000000000 to homebrew is a bit odd... i don;t see the usb drive either
  2. I did remember seeing it before and it does indeed already exist: XPowerRemap 2.0 (XPRemap 2.0):
  3. it IS possible actually, by writing a plugin (for dashlaunch for example), we have looked into it a long time ago... it was actually going to be a part of NOVA some day.
  4. you have 2 accounts, jggbgm and #jggbgm, both are not activated. send me a PM wthe the email you want to use and i will activate it (and delete the other one)
  5. handled in pm
  6. should be approved now, try to login again
  7. you put the code above in a file called Main.lua, and ftp it to Aurora\User\Scripts\Utility\resetpass\ directory, then in Aurora go to System (<back>), Utility scripts and run that reset script (then restart aurora)
  8. yes db could be one of the files you're not able to access... you could also write a lua script to change it, this might work: scriptTitle = "Passcode reset" scriptAuthor = "Phoenix" scriptVersion = 1 scriptDescription = "resets passcode" scriptIcon = "icon.png" -- Define script permissions to enable access to libraries scriptPermissions = { "sql" } -- Main entry point to script function main() Sql.Execute("UPDATE SystemSettings SET Value = 0 WHERE Name in (\"PCPasscode\", \"PCPermissions\")") end
  9. You can probably edit the settings DB on pc (copy through ftp or w/e). Setting PCPasscode and PCPermissions to "0" would clear it. Another way to start fresh is delete both db's through ftp and restart aurora.
  10. where did you install aurora, and can you provide us with the logging (everything in /data/logs)
  11. this is not a matter of Aurora 0.6 being completely uninstalled, you can put any aurora in a seperate folder and they would not know of eachothers installs. looking at your other post it is more likely your games are patched or corrupt or something....
  12. It seems they ARE scanned, but not detected as xbox 360 games, Did you ever patch your games? It would be usefull if you delete the scanpath, add it again and post the logging (data/log dir)
  13. I have the same with mine. HDMI only, it works fine on component. It also works fine on any other TV and any other xbox works fine on my tv. Never found a solution for it, I have read somewhere TV's can ban a device, but don't know if this is the case. If you can return it, I would.
  14. you set the temps and save and the closer the temps get, the harder the fan will blow to keep it below those temps. you dont set the override checkbox, if you do that it will always have the fanspeed at whatever you set on that override slider.