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  1. does it only happen with aurora? are you able to provide the logging (aurora dir\data\logs)?
  2. A little explanation on how the scanning process works: When a default.xex is found, scanning for that folder is aborted (to speed up the scanning process, and avoid games with multiple xexs). With your new setup ( /Hdd1/Games/Star Ocean The Last Hope/disc 1 ), adding Hdd1/Games with scandepth 2 is enough. What you are experiencing after moving the folder is not a bug, it is by design. We decided NOT to add a file exists in the scanning process, in order to keep it fast. If you move disc1 to a subfolder, in the database it will still be at the original folder. When that folder is scanned it does not check the subfolders for the reason stated above. I think if you had used the database cleanup utility script it would have deleted all those disc1 entries from the db (as the xex would no longer exist) and then the scan would have worked (but I'm not 100% sure, as the cleanup script is not mine). Another option would have been deleting the scanpath and add it again, but that would force you to rescan and download everything for the single disc games again as well.
  3. Use Aurora
  4. I think it depends on the type of TU. Not all TU's work from the content location. Some old ones have to be in cache. There is a way to convert them i think, but you have to do that manually
  5. i would actually make 2 seperate rules. one tcp/udp rule for broadcast and one tcp/udp rule for data. there have been reports of ranged rules failing
  6. Although your roter has UPNP, the port forwarding could stilff fail. Try to manually port forward the data and broadcast port to your xbox ip. There are plenty of tutorials online for all brands of routers about how to port forward.
  7. pm me with the email you used and the username you are trying to register
  8. TU handling was designed around titleid, and it works as expected. If it's a bug, it's one in the design, not in Aurora Perhaps we can look into using basever in addition to titleid...
  9. aha, forget what i said I did not check what forum this was posted in
  10. Swizzy made an asset editor for stuff like that, or you can use the asset import functionality
  11. link works fine here, you need to check if it's not blocked by your browser because realmodscene is marked as a malware site
  12. login/api key is not required for covers though pretty sure that if covers are available in f3, those 2 are already correct.... Can you provide logging? espesially when you REFRESH the artwork?
  13. the username is case sensitive, are you using the correct username?
  14. There seems to be an issue with the RSS feed. As a workaround you can disable that in the Plugin Settings In Aurora
  15. This also means that the file Swizzy is referring to is still ok, as that file contains the info for LiNK to work at all.