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  1. i checked the code, and there are some restrictions... the titleid folders have to be in the content\0000000000000000 folder and the title has to be available in the database (so the content path has to be added as a scanpath)
  2. did you move the files?
  3. more info would be needed... your settings, the logging, etc... did you perhaps switch to a filter with RB/LB that has no games?
  4. w000000t
  5. Everything has already been answered
  6. Your username is Pramod. The account was not yet activated. I have activated it already as well.
  7. I've put this on github: Let me know if you can get it running (it was made in C#, in visual studio 2010)
  8. I wrote a tool once that adds a desktop.ini and an icon from to each <titleid> folder. I will try to find the sourcecode and put it on github when i do.
  9. From the documentation: Known Issues of Shell Extension for Xbox 360 The Xbox 360 kernel supports ANSI file names only. As a result, any attempt to create, copy, or rename a file or folder with non-ANSI characters generates an error saying the file name is invalid. .... So we can't fix this. As for smb in fsd, it seems it had a seperate client. When I try it though, it won't access my server and I see no password dialog or anything.
  10. I don't have the FSD source at hand, we just forwarded the domains back to where they were last week
  11. But you do require our online services... Anyway, we don't want to 'push' anyone to Aurora, we sincerely believe it is a far better piece of software than FSD ever was (of course there is a matter of taste concerning the menu layout or skinning, but stability and speed are far superior) As for fixing stuff in ConnectX... we can't change that, we can only look if it is the way we read those filenames FROM connectx...
  12. ok, so now we will do a test with these paid online services you mentioned, please donate 100$ or we will turn it off again
  13. can you test it now?
  14. do they show correctly once they are copied over to the xbox? Do you have a sample name? I don't have any files with Cyrillic letters...
  15. I use the same version.