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  1. Formatting as a System Drive worked. The only way to get the option to show up was to flash a new glitch image with the nointmu patch, though. With the OnBoardMU disabled, the option showed up, I formatted a 4GB USB as a System Drive, then flashed the old image without the flag back to the console. Now, the OnBoardMU is enabled again, but I can store TUs in USBMUCache0 and they apply correctly. At some point in the future I will try to configure the USB I'm using to store my games as a System Drive and continue to store RGH content on Usb0 while TUs go on USBMUCache0. It looks like Aurora can see the rest of the FAT32 partition on the drive, where the stock dash will only be able to see USBMU0. That way I can get back to using a single USB to store both games and TUs, instead of having one USB for games and one for TUs. That should work, right?
  2. I didn't know there was a "system drive" option, I thought you were referring to just configuring it as an Xbox 360 MU. I will give this a try
  3. Formatting a second USB didn't work. I found this thread while googling around, which seems to be exactly what I'm having problems with. I don't see a USBMUCache0 anywhere, though. Is this storage device not available on all mobos?
  4. TID: 4D53085B MID: 566C10D3 I've tested some other games and it seems like any game that stores its TUs in OnBoardMU:\Cache can't apply them, whereas a game that stored them in the Content folder was able to apply the TU (Borderlands 2). I don't know if that's helpful or just a coincidence. I can try some other games. EDIT: I tested some games and found this to be true. Halo: Reach, Brütal Legend, and Saint's Row: The Third all needed TUs in \Cache and were unable to load the TUs, where Injustice: Gods Among Us and Borderlands 2 were able to load the TUs that were kept in the \Content\0000... folder
  5. I deleted the TU out of Usb0:\Cache, made sure it was deleted in Aurora, rebooted, then copied to OnBoardMU:\Cache, scanned for TUs, enabled, then started the game and I still get TU: 0. I do not have an internal HDD at the moment. Surely they should be able to work from the on board MU, though, right?
  6. I was downloading the TU over Wi-Fi, but I just downloaded it on my desktop and copied to Usb0:\Cache\TU_16L622R_0000004000000.0000000000081 with no luck. Aurora picks it up after a scan and I can enable it, but when I launch the game I still have TU: 0. There isn't anything in OnBoardMU:\Cache and this TU is the only TU in Usb0:\Cache. Is there anything else I could try to get it working?
  7. Hi guys, I downloaded a TU through Aurora for Halo: Reach and I can enable it, but when I'm in game and press the guide button I see that it isn't applied (TU: 0). I've tried clearing TUs using the button in settings, deleting and re-downloading the TU, and toggling contpatch. The game is in GoD format, fwiw, and I've saved the TU to the internal MU. Is it possible Unity is grabbing me a TU for the wrong base version? Thanks
  8. Do you have a link to your tool? It sounds very useful
  9. I pulled GODs off my brother's retail Xbox and wasn't able to convert them. I googled around and it looked like other people were having the same problem. After some more searching, I found this thread where someone suggested converting to ISO and then extracting. That was the only way I could get the games to work.
  10. xm360 doesn't unlock GODs, only DLC
  11. Unloading the FSD plugin worked! Thanks very much
  12. The only option under the dashlaunch plugin is XHttp. I can disable it in dashlaunch, but XHttp stays checked in Aurora's dashlaunch plugin, and I still can't see my brother's console.What patches did you have in mind? The only patches I have enabled under Network are: signnotice liveblock xhttp (tried with this disabled too) nonetstore Thanks Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  13. Hi all. I've managed to get system link to work with my RGH console and my brother's retail Xbox while playing Halo Reach, Borderlands, and CoD:BO 2 Zombies, but we can't get Gears of War 2 to work. I copied the game and title updates off of his system and converted to extracted format using GOD2ISO and Xbox Image Browser. I enabled the title update in Aurora and I disabled LiNK in the FSD plugin. pingpatch is disabled in dashlaunch and I have avatar/Kinect data installed. Is there anything else I could have enabled that would let me play the other three games but not GoW2? Thanks
  14. Alright, I will keep my eyes peeled for a 17502 leak in the mean time. Thanks!
  15. I do understand and respect that. I wasn't trying to minimize or belittle the awesome gesture of leaking high profile files such as those. My question was more about whether or not I could build a 17502 RGBuild NAND with the files and patches available already, or if there is something missing that would require a public release of 17502 filesystems. I was also curious to see if anyone could offer any feedback on re-building RGBuild.exe and to see if I am missing anything crucial.