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  1. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    Thanks for the video, i've got the game already ill see what i can do about it
  2. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    maybe later i dont know.. we'll see..
  3. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    Can you post a picture please? so that i can try to replicate and check the issue Thanks
  4. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    ill give a look at it later its on the todo list atm for next release along with other stuff
  5. Pcsxr 360 2.1.0 Problem

    Good night have you updated your xbox 360 into the latest dashboard and latest dash launch? wich one are you using atm? also you can try the latest version of pcsxr360 2.1.1a
  6. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    Yeah the credits on top its just a place hold for now, there will be credits button later, im also going to bring back a main menu with new options and stuff from an earlier build of mine that was descarted a while back so yeah , i might change .cue settings into the global settings menu later since i dont use it much either. Also Game filter is now working by writing bits of game name, it filters the game's list hehe
  7. [REQ] Latest Minecraft TU54 (58)

    TU 61 is out, enjoy guys https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jdarbzf276m2c/Mncft_61
  8. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    Hi guys how's things going? just wanted to post this maybe an update will come soon. Also the autoboot feature now looks for psx.iso , psx.img, psx.bin and psx.mdf files
  9. Netflix for RGH = [.23/06/2017.]

    Works fine with me too, actually im whatching right now on my x360 slim rgh just check if you have tu enabled and multimedia update on your xbox360
  10. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    Hi guys heres a small update and quick fix, just got my xbox 360 slim rgh and here's updated version with Crash Team Racing profile fix https://mega.nz/#!71JTWRbB!oqDbrjw6-VlRxZKocEX6z0emXOKBXBdJxsjZZ-Hb6ZY Enjoy
  11. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    I'll add to the list, to check if there's old shader profile to export it into the new profile file
  12. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    First of all hi, how are you? 1 - Have you set it up profile for Tetris Plus with ? try to use SPU IRQ Option to see if it works, 2 - For Crash Team Racing for now you'll need version before, cause i forgot to add option in the profile settings to enable crash team racing fix Atm im looking for new x360 for my new Dev Setup so it will take one or two weeks to get back again hopefully Upd Info: I'm gonna get xbox 360 tomorrow
  13. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    it will be include in the next update
  14. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    -- New osdmenu ingame combo LB + RB + ABXY, now you dont need to change freestyle dash screenshot combo anymore to access menu
  15. minecraft tu 56 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/zg00zqz26t8iz/Minecraft_T.U._56