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  1. At first get sure your Xbox 360 IP adress is correct. If that is ensured, move your Xbox 360 in DMZ (Exposed Host) in your router. If the port test failed futhermore, your problem is not your Hardware but rather your Internet Mobile provider. On most mobile connections you cant open/forward Ports. In most cases you get from your ISP PAT/NAT Router a IP, that isn`t open/routable. To open ports you need to had access to the PAT/NAT Router of your internet mobile provider, or your get a IP that is open/routable to Ports. All the trouble with (open) ports forwading will be (probably) changing if the internet mobile provider switch to pure IPv6 in the future.
  2. You can see the embedded link (guide) in my posting ? Maybe the link script didn`t work in your Browser. Here the Link in plaintext again: http://forum.homebrew-connection.org/index.php?topic=144.0
  3. take a closer look to my last posting.
  4. Swizzy wrote a user friendly guide. All needed steps are described in detail, to flash your 360 correctly. Read it carefully and follow the instructions.
  5. Flash your latest JTAG/RGH Image again. Some users could solve the same problem on these way. If you want change your Xbox 360 to retail one, flash your latest retail nand image and remove your soldering stuff on your Xbox 360 Motherboard.
  6. The Forum is full with information about Nova and what it is
  7. The only one who can help you (to unbolt your needed ports), is your mobile internet service provider and no one else. Just call your internet mobile provider and just ask to unbolt your needed ports.If it is not possible, ask for a private IP. If your internet mobile provider allocate you a private IP, you had no trouble again in the future with closed ports. These are the only two option to solve your problem.
  8. Since Aurora 0.4b you can launch Xell.elf files from Aurora file manager. Other options are to launch Xell files over Xelllaunch, or you boot your elf files over Dashlaunch (possible since Dashlaunch 3.01). Other way are, to build a new XeBuild Image with special XeBuild options (Secondary Xell button options).
  9. Mobile connections are have always bad ping, this is due to the fact its a mobile connection and the way how a mobile connection is worked, from the technical point of view
  10. Like I said two times, we cant help you, because you have no influence of the Firewall of your mobile provider. The only thing what you can do is, to get in touch with the support of your mobile internet provider, and describe them your problem in detail. But don't get too hopeful about your chances. Mobile connections are shared. I didnt belive that your service internet provider unbolts the needed Ports for you,
  11. The source folder contain the pure (not compiled )program code. It is not needed, except you want to develop the program further.
  12. I was a little bit confused, because I thought (picture:optical coax converter ), he had new contract with a optical connection. But if he had further a mobile connection, like I said before, he can't open Ports on mobile connections. What kind of router stuff he use, makes no difference. The main problem is the kind of the (mobile) connection, not the used hardware.
  13. I`m asking again, which provider & contract did you use ? You are using IPv4 or IPv6 ?
  14. Please don`t perform multiple postings. If you want add some information to your postings, feel free and use the edit function !