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  1. It seems so that your MMC is write protected. Simple Nand Flasher cant detected, if your MMC its write protected, ( probably your mmc cant be resettet, respectively cannot undo the write protection). The only way to fix the problem is, to solder (to fix) the write protection and re-flash the Image again. The reason for the write protect could also be, that parts of the mmc are damaged/corrupted. Is the RGH your work on your slim, or had it made someone else ?
  2. At first please use the search function, before you ask the community. These question has often been answered here on rms. Disable the rss Feed. Closed.
  3. For the Future, at first please use the search option intensive. If you found nothing about your Question, then ask the community ! Thx & closed.
  4. There is no official XeBuild GUI 3.0 out in the wild. The last official XeBuild GUI is 2.098. But you can grap the avatar Update manually from Gxarena.
  5. The question has often been answered here on rms. Use the search function (a small hint - Rss-Feed). Closed.
  6. You download wasnt presumably completed, or your connection is faulty.. I could it unrar without any faults. xeBuild_GUI_2.099.rar
  7. Disable the rss feed. Next time please use the search function. The forum is full with the same question. Closed.
  8. You can grap the Updates from gxarena.
  9. The best way is to have your router assign a static Ip and set your Xbox 360 to set to dynamic Ip. In this way the Ip for your Xbox 360 is all along available. If there are edits made to the DNS, it will be self-acting assumed to your Xbox 360.
  10. Like I said its a connection problem. You are not the first user with this issue on rms.
  11. In most cases its a connection error. Did you try to reboot your Modem/Router and/or assigned another ip to your Xbox 360 ?
  12. Please edit your Topic Title to meaningful one, or your Thread will be deleted !
  13. hi man i can't log in on the xbox unity i have reset my password nothing happens any advice

    1. Dr.Gonzo


      Please get in touch with Swizzy. He is the right men for your problem.


    2. taviforest15


      tnx....even i have a new one i dind't got a email or something like that 

    3. Dr.Gonzo


      You have checked your spam folder too ?


  14. Please write in English & without shift key enabled ! thx.
  15. The Content of this years E3 Show has not been made public yet, but its no secret that Microsoft project Xbox Scorpio becomes this Year the main Focus of Microsofts Fan Event. Microsoft's E3 2017 press briefing live stream kicks off @ June 11, starting at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. You can watch the show over Xbox Live and/or external live stream (I´m adding the streaming link to this posting, if its available).