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  1. The Content of this years E3 Show has not been made public yet, but its no secret that Microsoft project Xbox Scorpio becomes this Year the main Focus of Microsofts Fan Event. Microsoft's E3 2017 press briefing live stream kicks off @ June 11, starting at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. You can watch the show over Xbox Live and/or external live stream (I´m adding the streaming link to this posting, if its available).
  2. You can find alot of Threads hin RMS with the solution (keyword rss feed). Closed.
  3. He will realize very quickly that hand make Isos not contain security sectors. lool
  4. Yeah, it can builds "Iso`s" too.
  5. We have many Threads to this Questions like felida said (keyword rss feed) Closed.
  6. aurora

    Yes that's it.
  7. aurora

    Like he said he had alle Files installed. Maybe the Plugin is not activated or it doesn't work properly.
  8. I can't ignore Threads/Postings because it's my job to read all the stuff and its not against the rules to express a different opinion.
  9. Like Gavin wrote its to late. You can find alot of good Tutorials on Youtube, if you now how to find it. The active times for Xbox 360 are over. There very few users/freaks who hold faith with the Xbox 360 Scene. All the rest had changed to Xbox One, and they are waiting for the next big Event. I don't think so that Xbox 360 Scene will celebrate a big revival in the next times. The effort to produce good Video Tutorials is of course praiseworthy, but under such circumstances, some good Tutorials will change nothing to push the 360 scene. You've missed the boat.
  10. You didnt own a Computer (Laptop/Desktop) ? How you work with Horizon software without a Computer ? XEXMenu contains a FTP Client too. Its pretty easy to get FTP Connection between your Computer and your Xbox 360 and transfer the needed Files. You didnt get access to your on Board MU over XEXMenu on slims. For the future you should buy a Hdd. To use the internal Memory on Board Card is the fastest way to brick your Slim (keyword Bad Blocks).
  11. Strange. Move Dashlaunch (installer) default.xex on FAT32 USB Stick. Connect the USB Stick to your Xbox 360 and turn your Xbox 360 on. If you are in Dashlaunch, be sure your FTP Client is enabled in (configuration) Dashlaunch. Connect your Xbox 360 via Lan to your Laptop/Desktop and use a FTP Client ( your Xbox Ip: xxx, name: Xbox, password: xbox, port:21) to have access to the data File System of your Xbox. You can now reinstall your deleted files in your Aurora folders over ftp.
  12. I do not know if there is a way to recover your Password. Delete in Aurora\Data\Databases, the settings.db File and you have full access again.
  13. From our own experience, if you burn the xex version of XEXMenu as data cd/dvd, your (JTAG/RGH) xbox 360 will boot from it.
  14. Turn your Xbox 360 on and hold the right Shoulder Button. The Xbox 360 should start in NXE Dashboard. Burn XEXMenu (XEX Version) on CD/DVD Media and boot from it.
  15. I didn't offend you. My last posting was my reaction of Felidas statement, to my statement. It should be obvious from the context, that I mean myself and not you