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  1. We didn`t support Xbox Live stealth services on Realmodscene ! closed.
  2. Did you visit the Xbox Live status support site ?
  3. There are some Tools like,Horizon, le fluffy, modio. But there is always a risk to damage your profile data. It's not for the faint-hearted like me.
  4. Ahh, thx. There also a lot of tutorials on Youtube, to add Gamer Score to your Xbox profile. Some websites like se7ensins & The Techgame are specialized on stuff like that.
  5. There are some Tuts on Youtube & other sites. Keywords corrupted profiles in google. But there is no guarantee, that you can heal your profile.
  6. why cant distributing the warez link ? and actually im forget about the rules. sorry. thanks for the reminder.


    1. Dr.Gonzo


      We don`t support Warez stuff on Realmodscene.com.

      Greets :)

  7. At first Aurora is a Dashboard, not a Media Player solution. Its highly unlikely we see a Media Player feature in Aurora in the future.
  8. Delete in FreestyleDash\Data\Databases, the settings.db file. If you want a modern, fresh, fast & future-proof Dashboard, take a squiz at this.
  9. You upload your desired App with the "Install packaged application" to your Xbox One.
  10. We had currently 288 Users on Link, 55 Users Forum RMS. I didnt now the Hardware & Software Setup, but If we look at the case, 288 online Users on Link are being made 10 - 15 Queries in a second, a half decent server should be able, to handle the amount of requests, without having problems. I now its depends on the special users case and every is different. But maybe its a special Software Setup case (RMS & Link together on same Server) that generate the high load on Server.
  11. The game was alivable in 1997 on Windows 95 (and other) platforms. You had to emulate a small Windows 95/VM on your Xbox 360. You have to overcome high technical barriers. This isn't just something to be done after lunch on a Friday, because its not a trivial thing, from technical view of point.
  12. You can also download the PS1 & N64 emulator for free, If you know where to look.
  13. Check here, how to do.
  14. Some protection tools given mistakenly a warning message. But the tool is absolutely free from any kind of malware, virus, or other pests.