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  1. Ok i made a new gamer tag for my xbox one and I want to get it so I can put it on my xbox 360. But i cant connext 360 to the net anyone want to download it for me and send me the gamertag file in an email?
  2. Thanx
  3. Nice glade see its out good work.
  4. Hey I sent it to you Swizzy by the way that nathan.miller4 is me for some reason I cant get it to show this name on Tap Talk.
  5. Hey what is a GOD Header?
  7. hi tnx about learning

  8. I hope this solves my proublem.
  9. The names are at the bottom of the games. If not all you have to do is rename it right. And if you dont want to connect to the net there is another way takes some time to do thow
  10. This is me by the way for some reason tap talk want let me sign in with my profile. But post what I did later on to the DarkSide one if I need more help
  11. Ok Guys help me out how do I change this stuff to Blue. I figured out how to change the font I changed alot of stuff to Blue but these I cant figure out so any help will be nice. http://[ [url=] [url=]
  12. Ok yep Im all hooked up now keep up good work guys.
  13. Ok just making sure I never missed anything thanx.