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  1. I marvel at the news , congratulations for the work
  2. Thank you, great job on the skin, music good choice
  3. swizzy - Thank you for taking my question
  4. Hello friends Freestyle 775 not downloading this game TU could tell me to work for it was off to Freestyle 775? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, great job, exactly what I was looking for
  6. ok thanks for answering me
  7. Do not mean to offend have many friends and I like to help with my post I said that the files (not official) I know you have errors because errors with some stuff online, I'm not coming here with purpose to humiliate me and not offend anyone of community, I'm just coming here to say it out there surfing files, expected to be received otherwise it created this post because not met here something the matter once order to use this community as a reference in my apprenticeship and so I have to thank
  8. Hello friends I am waiting for the DashLaunch 3.15 Release - supporting Dash 17349 Once xeBuild files to Dash 17349 are already being shared in the general community. as shown everyone the link below: Link removed. We dont support unofficial versions on this site. New Dash: 17349 arrived with some new features to the Xbox Files to update (not officers) are circulating in communities Adding the new feature to the islands using an DashLaunch (edited) I wonder if the content with support for the new trait would release any prediction as edited files sirculando station in communities as officers for this reason I am making this post because not found actual files - DashLaunch 3.15 - supporting Dash 17349 This communities that read as references in the archives. Someone would have some prediction of the liberation of day so that I can be aware and take the files to update my console so and so help my friends to also update them, I am waiting for an answer, thank you for attention and thank you for reading my question.
  9. very cool motivation congratulations´
  10. I was very happy to know that the (Swizzy) is creating motivation to upgrade - Dash-Launch - predict a light at the end of the tunnel - ( motivation and All )
  11. Thank you will do the tests and take appropriate action using the Aurora to see if fixes the problem, thanks again .
  12. Hello everyone I ask aid for authenticating problem and lack of communication with the Link-Up using the (Freestyle Rev: 775) when trying to enter a game or connection with Link-UP get the error: (f3 000003) if someone can help with this problem will be grateful because I have several friends in the same situation Note: UPnP enabled = doors open router = Just ask for help with this migration of difficulty Below is the image with the problem we are which is the authenticating infinite he does not confer the User name Thank you all for great job up to this moment .
  13. thanks for bringing this beautiful work