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  1. aurora 0.6b

    Beautiful skin Was very faithful to the game Wonderful your work, your creativity is beautiful, I like the way you work, congratulations
  2. Will it be possible in the future to see a new v6 version? ( 13/05/2017 )
  3. Your skin -[ material (v2) ]- is perfect without problems, thank you very much for your work in correcting the problems, congratulations, I am very happy with your creativity, thank you
  4. Some people do this because they are playing with friends without using Mod Menu in games / - Or just someone who has fun with your friends without any discomfort
  5. Any effort is welcome
  6. - When I navigate through the settings of your skin my system freezes - Even using new Aurora .0.6b - (clean) - my device is: - Corona 4G - HD Usb 1 TB (3.0) - Kernel : 17511 - Other skins works great, just your when browsing on your functions it freezes my system [ 01/05/2017 ]
  7. - Hello When putting your skin I received freezing of my system, it completely paralyzes - This problem is just me or is someone else also going through this problem using this skin? - Thank you
  8. - For years I'm on the 360 scene, I do not remember seeing so much moderator in a single post Enjoy the meeting - About delay of release of news, believe that claim not be the key. - you receive something for free so thanks for having news is the key - Hug to everyone
  9. skin

    Congratulations, I appreciate your work.
  10. Beautiful job, clean, light, congratulations
  11. Very nice
  12. Awesome work I'm thankful
  13. I marvel at the news , congratulations for the work
  14. Thank you, great job on the skin, music good choice
  15. swizzy - Thank you for taking my question