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  1. We wanted to reach out to you in hopes you would help support us. Blackwolf and myself are currently entered in a VRJam contest for a virtual reality theater we wrote. I am hoping you guys could help us out by going to our jam entry and voting for us, or rating us (5 stars would be awesome). http://itch.io/jam/leapmotion3djam/rate/42922 I have a blurb on what is below and here is a video of it in action. Here is a quick word about it : VRTheatre is a Virtual Reality media player application powered by VLC. It allows the user to watch videos in a variety of simulated VR environments. VRT currently supports the Oculus DK2 and Leap Motion Controller as well as Gamepad or Keyboard and mouse for control. Features: -Playback engine powered by VLC. Supports most formats supported by VLC. -Direct video device display support (allows things like webcams, capture cards etc to be displayed -Multiple movie watching locations (asteroid, island, void, etc) -AR modes (Leap Motion Required) -Dynamically generatable and movable display mode (Matrix mode) -Multiple supported control types: Leap Motion (Recommended) Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse. You will notice a large blue orb on your wrist, this is the control panel activator.​ To open the Leap Motion control panel, place your right palm on your left wrist on the activator orb and hold for 1-2 secs (as if you were placing your hand to cover an invisible watch). This will spawn the control panel tablet in your view. Press and hold the activator orb again to close the panel. You can also close the panel by pressing and holding the circular button on the bottom center of the panel. NOTE: Requires Oculus Runtime 0.8.0 or higher
  2. To answer a few more things. 1) Rating was removed due to excessive abuse, it didn't work and people were getting temp bans for nothing 2) xDragonxLukyx or whatever, you need to work on tone. I didn't even read the last post, due to caps and other word choice in the begining. I found it offensive without even reading it. I often have the same issue with how i type, but yeah thought i would let you know. 3) We won't be controlling rooms by ping. Period. 4) As for leader, when a new leader is set, he has leader until he leaves at which point the original room leader has priority then it goes to who was in the room longest. I thought about shutting it down as it gets exploited and hacked a lot, i don't have a lot of time, and its a lot of work. I don't make money its a lot of work, and fun sometimes, but its not a job, and sometimes it feels like it.
  3. I am going to try to answer what i can reasonably, and hopefully help with some of this. First things, Blocked does not actually block someone, due to the complexity of when in the room and owner vs everyone and so on, its hard to block people. It does lower the rooms they are in down the list on the HUD to avoid the conflict. Second, Pinging each other to get results is not only difficult to implement with limited memory spaces, but also unlikely to result in much usable info and add massive slow downs on join, tyring to ping 8, 10, 15 people before you join a room is slow. Finally smaller rooms could be possible, but why not just add a password and share with your friends? Or if you are owner kick people you don't want in your room. One more thing, I will NOT be releasing a full list of users for you to make a blacklist, just cause you have a bad connection to them doesn't mean i do, or swizzy does. Thats a self centered solution and not whats best for the community. There is a lot of limitations with Link as we are doing a virtual network for system link, and we have VERY tight memory limitations to work with in the plugin. It is not xbox live, it never will be. And finally the complaint about not enough devs. This is a HOBBY platform we share with you for FREE. we make no money on this, and spend a LOT of time on it. So yes things take longer, but thats how HOBBY and HACK solutions are. We do NOT have time to answer all user requests and ideas, as we have lives and other paying jobs. To be honest, you should be glad its still running as twice this year i came close to shutting it down completely.
  4. I just dont know how to extract the cpu key im using a hdav cable and its not launching xell plz give me a way to extract the cpu key

  5. OK it should resolve it self in time now. Basically i had a mistake in my SQL Table Schema that was not allowing me to delete rooms that were timed out. This caused us to run out of room to display the rooms (even though we didn't show you the empty ones). Now the rooms will properly timeout and in a short amount of time the list will shrink to the correct size. This should also make the performance better again. As we will go from a few hundred rooms to process to a few dozen. sorry for any issues this has caused you.
  6. OK i figured out whats happening. Working on fixing it now.
  7. So to clarify this. You can't see them in HUD? (I don't have my xbox handy to test. ) Or is it that you can't join them? Can you see them and or join them in the Web Interface?
  8. Also do note that 2 consoles on the same local network should work. We store your non routable LAN IP. If both WAN addresses match we send the LAN Address. So it should work fine.
  9. As it turns out there was an issue with registration i overlooked. We have a wait timer on room creation to avoid people flooding. It was never set on new users so the check on that value failed. I have fixed this. in 1 hour all should be good. Sorry for any inconvienience.
  10. i just want 2 ask u how the games trailers work thank you

  11. Well there is a conflict with the [Aztek] name, and as you've chosen not to inform me of what email address you have associated with the account. I will be removing the conflict. You can re-create your account afterwards. I will hope that resolves the issues.
  12. OK i checked that account name, somehow their are 2 of them. Please PM me with your email address and i will remove the duplicate.
  13. Not all people have this issue. I can see rooms created by users. So that is a false statement. If you want help provide details. What steps do you take to encounter this issue? I will check on your ID, thanks for sharing the information involved. Finally Turn on your console, ensure it is linked to the same ID that you are using on the xboxunity web site Load Black Ops 2 then go to the website and create a room see if it works.
  14. Can you answer my questions please. 1) What ID are you using to create these rooms? 2) What steps exaclty, laid out Line by Line do you take to recreate this issue 3) Does it work on the Website -> Yes but no one can join the room. 4) Can you Join other peoples rooms? 5) Do you pass the tests in Link and for good measure 6) are any error messages reported when you make the attempt? How long did you wait for completion? I am thinking the website issue is due to TitleID. make sure you are in the game and actively Pinging On your console, then create the room from the website.
  15. That doesn't tell me anything. Do you get any feedback? how do you try to create a room? In the end this is working for other users. SO you are either missing a step (no fault, but logic dictates its possible) Or there is something wrong with your account. I have checked your account as much as i can and see no issues. SO you need to provide the following information. 1) What ID you are using to create these rooms 2) What steps EXACTLY you are taking to create the room. Not generally, but real steps. 3) Try doing it in the Web Site instead of HUID and see what happens. 4) Can you join other peoples rooms? 5) Do you pass the tests for LiNK in settings?