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    I'm working on it since Aurora 0.2 and I finally found a bit of time to create a working version. This is SteamOS, a dark skin inspired to the popular game library software. To display the Steam splashscreen, you need to activate the alternative splashscreen option in the Aurora settings. Inside the archive there is also an image to place in the "Background" folder. With the 0.6b version I have also included the Aurora plugin patch by gavin_darkglider. SteamOS-0.4b.rar SteamOS-0.5b.rar SteamOS-0.6b.rar Report here if you find bugs. I will try to keep this skin updated as much as possible. I don't accept custom requests. Why? If you are looking for the version with the transparent panel, check the modified SteamOS++ skin by malim.
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    Red and blue version of the Aurora default skin. With the 0.6b version I have also included the Aurora plugin patch by gavin_darkglider. Aurora-0.4b-metro-blue.rar Aurora-0.5b-metro-blue.rar Aurora-0.6b-metro-blue.rar Aurora-0.4b-metro-red.rar Aurora-0.5b-metro-red.rar Aurora-0.6b-metro-red.rar
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    This tutorial is only for those of you who; lost all of their original and hack nand dumps + erased/corrupted the nand/flash the wrong image to the nand. If you find yourself in this situation then this tutorial will walk you step by step to make your console boot hack dash again. Take note that you won't be able to restore your console to retail ever again and you will be unable to use your dvd drive until you extract the key off of it. Things you will need; usb spi nand programmer(nand-x, jr-programmer, any will do(eMMC R/W kit for corona 4gb) J-Runner the ultimate JTAG/RGH app DOWNLOAD Extracted nand files that match you motherboard model (download below) Step 1; Recovery of cpu key and LDV's Download one of the clean extracted donor nand files according to your motherboard model and extract the containing folder to the location of your choice; Don't use these files to unban your console, first you don't have the original cpu key and second they are all from ban consoles. You have been warned! corona 4gb.rar corona 16mb.rar falcon opus.rar jasper bb.rar jasper sb.rar trinity.rar trinitynofcrt.rar xenon.rar zephyr.rar Next you need to solder/plug in your nand programmer wires onto the motherboard Open J-Runner app an click on "show working folder" button located at the bottom right Open the folder name "data" located inside /J-Runner/xeBuild/ folders Open your extracted nand files folder and copy and paste KV.bin, SMC.bin, smc_config.bin and fcrt.bin(if required) to data folder. It should look like this. In J-Runner, copy and paste this cpu key F37C0CD50B928F4E67614ACD548A4E49 in the cpu key section. Choose dashboard version according your hack type (for JTAG choose 7371 - for phat rgh1 choose 14699 - for R-JTAG choose 15574 - for phat RGH2 choose 14719 - for slim choose anything above 14719) Select your motherboard nand type. Select retail as your image type. It should look like this. In J-Runner under the Advanced tab click on Create an image without nanddump.bin Then you will be ask to enter LDV just enter any number between 1 and 80 and click ok. At this point the dummy image should be successfully created and automatically loaded in the "Load Source" section. Now with your nand programmer properly connected to both you pc and motherboard click on "Write Nand". Wait until J-Runner is finish writing the nand and select your "hack type" then click on "Create ECC" for rgh machine or "Create Xell-Reloaded" for JTAG/R-JTAG machine. Now click on "Write ECC" or "Write Xell-Reloaded" depending on your hack type. You are now ready to boot xell and recover your cpu key. Power on your console and wait for xell to boot. Once xell as booted write down your cpu key, fuseset 02 and fuseset 07 Understanding and calculating LDV's Calculating CF/CG ldv is fairly simple. Just count the number of "F" in fuseset 07 to fuseset 11. So in the example above we have a cf/cg lock down value of 2. Calculating CB LDV can be a little bit more trickier. You have to take the right-most "F" and calculate how many character it is from the left. In the example above the right-most "F" is 5 characters from the left so we have a cb lock down value of 5. Understanding CB LDV; Quote from Martin C @ TX Quote This value is NOT updated every dashboard version and is not directly reflected in any apps. However, the value can be translated to a CB/dashboard version. You cannot 'edit' your image to use a different CB for a retail NAND. It MUST match the entry as found in XeLL, otherwise it'll fail to boot. The example above is from a Jasper with a cb ldv cseq of 5 and by looking at the chart below we can determine that dashboard 7371 would be the highest version acceptable for this particular console. Step 2; Building the fake OG nand image Now back in J-Runner, enter your cpu key in the cpu key section. Select your dashboard according to your CB LDV cseq Select Retail as Image type. Select Motherboard nand type. Click on the "Advanced" tab and on "create an image without nanddump.bin" You will be ask for LDV, this is the cf/cg LDV so you enter what you have in fuseset 07 and click "ok" You have now created a fake original nand image. Even though you won't be able to boot your console with this image it would still be a good idea to keep it somewhere safe. With your new image loaded in the "Load Source" section and your cpu key in the "Cpu Key" section click on the "kv info" tab. You will noticed that the info in there are obviously not from your console. So now would be a good time, for those who can, to extract your dvd drive key and patch the key vault with the appropriate dvd key. Click on the "XB Settings" tab, click on "Advanced XeBuild Options", paste your dvd key in the "dvdkey" section, click "OK" then click the "Use Edited Options" check box. For DG16D5S and DLN10N owners; the easiest and cheapest way to make your dvd drive functional would be to install a TX LTU 2 pcb. Final Part; Building/writing your hack image Back in J-Runner, with your new fake original nand image loaded in the "Load Source" section and cpu key in the "Cpu Key" section select hack image type(Jtag - rgh - rgh2 - r-jtag), select your desired dashboard(should be the latest which is 16537 at the moment of write), select motherboard nand type. You can also edit dashlaunch and xeBuild options at this point. Click on create xeBuild image. You will see 3 or 4 warning messages poping up which will ask you if you want to delete kv.bin, smc.bin, fcrt.bin and smc_config.bin. Click yes on all of them. With your nand programmer properly connected to both your console and pc click on "Write Nand" ​ Boot your console and have fun.
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    That such friends I bring this time a skin for aurora 0.6 hope you like it. Excuse my bad english SteamOSv2(0.6b).rar
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    This is an upcoming skin for Aurora 0.6b inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design.
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    Hey now! What did I ever do to you? Anyway, 360 scene is not dead at all (including NOVA). Keep in mind, as the 360 gets older so do the people who made all the fun things we enjoy on it once it's hacked. As people get older, their life situations change, be it school, kids, jobs (or just needing a break from doing one thing for so long) often taking away the "free" time that was once more plentiful. I've seen it happen in every scene over the years, people don't tend to leave the things they love they just get pulled elsewhere and have to sacrifice and take time away. Now game developers and publishers on the other hand... they left in droves for the new consoles. They clearly were in it only for the money and not the scene. If you want to accuse anyone of abandoning 360, look to the people who were taking your money when it was on the shelves more prominently - and then remember, we aren't them!
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    Here is a pack I put together at the beginning of 2015. There is no information for the actual trainers in it, and it hasnt been updated. That being said, it is a good starting point for people who want trainers, and dont have any. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pcgk4g77sdb2qn2/Aurora_Trainers_1-7-15.rar?dl=0 While I am releasing this, I wont guarantee that all of them will work with the latest TU's, and offer no support for the trainers included. Have fun. Also, since I copied this off my xbox, none of the trainers are labeled, and are all in folders based upon TU's.
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    INVITE ME A BEER Paypal: dragon11293@hotmail.com Follow me: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1869220376737716&id=1859253417734412 Hi guys, i wanna share with you my skin From GUITAR HERO with animation, sound background n' a menú not even seen in aurora or RGH i mean the options menú of the game, i hope so you like and sopport me for make more skins. Link mega: http://atominik.com/2dAG
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    Tuxuser provides an insight into his upcomming utility. The Durrango Toolbox will be contain some nice Tools, to edit your Xbox One Content (nand, usb content, savegames) stuff. Source: Xboxhacks.de
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    The guy called out the whole staff of the forum, and one moderator in specific. We stick up for our own, and I proved the project is not dead. That being said, I havnt seen Cory post anything in years, so it is nice to know that he is still around, even if he is the silent moderator. I personally try to read everything, but we all have lives, and between the work I do for Team Phoenix, moderating this forum, keeping up with what is going on on the TX forums, other research projects, watching children, looking for a new job, etc. I can say that I am pulled pretty thin(not complaining, just a fact), and dont read as much of this as I once did. Dont even get me started on the time I spend answering PM's, sometimes I have multiple people hitting me up there as well, and do what I can for them. I will say this though, it does get tiring some times, and peoples impatiences does start to wear on you after a while.
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    Every thing you said was offensive. Do you know how many people I have helped fix their consoles in PM? No, you dont, because that isnt public. Do you know how much I alone have done for this scene? Probably not, as I have been here for years. And that is not negating all the work that Team Phoenix has done, TeamFSD before that, Team Xelove, Team Xecuter, or any other team that has developed software or hardware for the 360. Here, I will list a few things. 1. I was on the team that worked on the asset editor for aurora(Swizzy's App, but I was one of the main testers) 2. I pushed for team phoenix to fix the retroarch cores to work with aurora's rom browser feature, as the Libretro team has dropped the 360, due to the main developers devkit breaking. 3. I created the Cheat Manager, that generates cht files for the emulators. 4. I figured out why HUD modifications to the freestyle plugin didnt work, and fixed the XUI tool extensions for that. 5. I released the updated 17511 patched J-Runner, which is running wild on the net, and within 12 hours, I had to remove it from dropbox, as they shut me down for having too many downloads. That is a short list of things I have worked on, currently we are working on getting aurora 0.7b finished so it can be released. It is close, but not quite there yet. still a few more bugs to go over, and a few more features to include, which will also create a few more bugs to go over. When you have done something productive for the Xbox 360 homebrew scene, and you release it, then I will say that you have earned the right to say we are unhelpful and rude to our users. Reality is we have lives, and this is a hobby for us. Your idea of release time tables make no difference to us. We release stuff when it is ready, and not a minute sooner. On top of that, it doesnt help the scene, when the non developers complain about every thing. If you dont like what we do, or how we do it, you dont have to use it, or be on this forum. That is a choice you and every other user make. If you dont like our attitude, it is not our problem. You dont have to deal with the unruly people, break up the arguments, deal with the kids who have no idea what they are doing, because they bought an RGH on craigslist, and dont know the first thing about how it works, or what it does, and then expect us to spoon feed them information that is all over this site and the internet already. But since this is the only place you can get any updates or news for what is going on in the world of the 360 any more, outside of live hacking, I dont think you have much choice in the matter. Also, whoever said link is dead doesnt know what they are talking about. Just because it isnt used as much as it once was, doesnt make it dead. Full of cheaters, sure, but dead, no.
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    Hi guys, I want to contribute too, all the Trainers I collected over the years till September 2015 (still missing xyzmods) All credits & kudos to the original creator & uploader. Aurora Trainers (till Sept 2015) (total of 544 games) **Some updates on that month: 20/09/2015 Advanced Warfare TU16 Zombies GTA V Trainer (Updated : 11/07/2015 ).TU26 Evil Within Trainer (Updated : 31/05/2015).TU4 Lost Planet Colonies Ju Ju METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (Updated : 16/09/2015).TU1 TMNT Blur Dead Rising DoA 5 LR TU 13 Resident Evil Revelations / TITLE = ID 43430833 Resident Evil Revelations / Media ID: 09767E37 Never Dead / Title ID: 4B4E081F / Media ID: 5D5CA48B Saints Row: The Third Goat Sim: More Goatz Aliens Colonial Marines Darksiders II / TU2 / Title ID: 54510896 / Media ID: 31816B2 Legend of Kay Anniversary / MEDIA ID 52633C1E / TITLE ID 354807DD / TU0 BEN 10: VILGAX ATTACKS ROGUE WARRIOR Arcania the complete Tale Aegis Wing Yie Ar Kung-Fu Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen TC's HAWX Madden 15 Bejeweled 2 Hellboy the Science of Evil TC GR Advanced Warfighter 2 (updated 1.1) Eat Lead The Return of Matt Hazard (Updated : 30/07/2015) Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Bejeweled 3 Feeding Frenzy 2 Awesomenauts Minecraft Trainer (Upd-TU33) Monster Madness Battle For Suburbia ZUMA Shinobi N3 Ninety Nine Nights (Updated : 20/06/2015 ) Sniper Elite v2 Goty The Warriors : SB Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Updated : 27/06/2015) N3 Ninety Nine Nights 2 The Cursed Crusade Conflict: Denied Ops Quantum Theory (Updated : 12/06/2015)Bugfix -InKeNET
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    New version of the skin added to first post. (2017-05-07)
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    Unfortunately nothing people can do.. play on xbl, people still cheat.. even on xb1/ps4.. damn children cant play normally without cheating one way or another
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    Be strong! Im watching many other projects besides projects from the 360 scene and the behaviour of impatience is normal. We all should know that by now. Life of moderators is hard, you just do what you have to do.
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    - For years I'm on the 360 scene, I do not remember seeing so much moderator in a single post Enjoy the meeting - About delay of release of news, believe that claim not be the key. - you receive something for free so thanks for having news is the key - Hug to everyone
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    You have done a great job, and it was things like that that made me get into a modded console in the first place. Because some people don't want something so great to go away just yet. The 360 still deserves attention for sure. I agree with you as to why some of us "have to be" rude. Which is why the impatient people that constantly ask when something comes out are like children. I couldn't tell you how many people made an account here on RMS just to ask when NOVA would be out, even though it clearly said it wouldn't be out for some time. Some people are so impatient that they don't even bother reading the information, and just blindly post "when or how" without even a thought. Honestly Gavin, no one should blame you if you have to be rude back to someone who's being rude in the 1st place. Thank you for sacrificing your sanity for the 360 scene!
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    Too bad you cant like posts from admins, or I would be liking all over this.
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    You need the Avatar Update. Look in your Xbox 360 Settings to your Dashboard version and download the exactly same version and install it. If you want to boot in your own/custom Animation, you need FakeAnimation and a custom Boot Animation (here some Examples).
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    Not all people should be in a hacking scene if they dont know the first thing about hacking. It is work. Doesnt matter what you are doing. It is also always a learning experience, and an experiment. If they arent willing to read, and experiment, let alone post their findings, than I dont have much time for them. The whole idea of forums like this is to share information, not to spoon feed information to people who are to lazy to use a search function. That being said, some games are harder to get to work on a JTAG/RGH console than others.
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    there is an option for replacing the avatar image with the actual avatar, it just wasnt shown in the video. There is also a custom XUI extension, so you can add it to a different scene if you want, in a custom skin.
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    OK, so for starters, THERE WILL BE MINIMAL SUPPORT for these on this forum, as these were not created by the people on these forums. That being said, you will still have to find the XDK to use these, and that will not be released on this forum. THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE for people asking about the other stuff(XDK) needed, PIRACY is NOT allowed here, Unfortunatly, we only have the 64bit version of the tools at this time, but if someone else has the 32bit version, post a link below, and this will be updated. All credit for the tools, and videos go to AxR and Paracrypt. https://mega.nz/#F!qQ42XSwK!kZCJNVrulLmqFz5fT3ubvQ With all of that said, enjoy. Create some new awesome trainers, and post them in this section, so others can enjoy your work as well. If you want to charge for your trainers, dont do it on this site. Asking for donations is ok, but requiring them will get you banned, as this is not how our community works. Also, upload your trainers directly to the forum if at all possible, as no one likes having to go through sites that are full of ads to download stuff.
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    At first get sure your Xbox 360 IP adress is correct. If that is ensured, move your Xbox 360 in DMZ (Exposed Host) in your router. If the port test failed futhermore, your problem is not your Hardware but rather your Internet Mobile provider. On most mobile connections you cant open/forward Ports. In most cases you get from your ISP PAT/NAT Router a IP, that isn`t open/routable. To open ports you need to had access to the PAT/NAT Router of your internet mobile provider, or your get a IP that is open/routable to Ports. All the trouble with (open) ports forwading will be (probably) changing if the internet mobile provider switch to pure IPv6 in the future.
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    Awesome thank you. Couldn't figure out how to do the modified FSD but I got Aurora and it is very simple to use!
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    I am fairly certain translations were done in skin in FSD, so you will have to find a Russian skin. The translation files didnt come until Aurora. If I were you, I would switch to aurora, as it is faster, more stable, and has pretty much everything FSD does, plus some.
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    Continue to creativity
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    Ok, to start this section off correctly.. here is where to install the trainers!!! Aurora 0.5b and below: "Aurora/Trainers" Aurora 0.6b+: "Aurora/User/Trainers"
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    thanks alot.. i just put up AxR's Halo: Reach TU1 trainer.. lol
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    TITLE ID: 4D53085B MEDIA ID: 566C10D3 TU: 1 By AxR, Tested by me only in single player, might work for lan party?? no guarntees Cheats: God mode Inf Ammo/No Reload Inf Grenades Inf Sprint 4D53085B.zip
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    Thank you guys, I'll see what can i do. But for "WebOS version in the menu", it's already done by M0514H with WebOS menu.
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    For FTP settings, hit start -> go to modules -> ftp, the settings are there. maybe you should play with what is there, before saying something isnt there.
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    Try turning off RSS feed in LiNK settings on Aurora.
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    J-runner requires that you have the .NET run time libraries, and the C++ run time libraries. Should be included in the newer versions of windows, but if you are still running XP, then you will need to download and install them. If you could give me the error message, I can probably tell you exactly what you are missing.
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    OK, i have an idea guys. I will create another version of this skin with sharp corners (not rounded) and it will based on Aurora default skin to not have any problem like freezing in some consoles and etc. OK guys, tell me to do it or not?
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    The stress Test Disc that I mean (red colour), need a online connection to ms server to run properly. The other Disc (that you mean) is a MTE Retail Test Disc.
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    the reason is.. my older skins and everything are for 0.5b.. i honestly cant recall if i made a default one for 0.6b mate.. i can upload one for 0.6b NP.. but you'll have to give me a few mate..
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    Which FTP client are you using and how many upload threads? I get around 6 MB/s per thread as well but with 2+ threads enabled the throughput still maxes around 12 MB/s which more than fine for me.
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    Problem solved! Set FileZilla to Binary transfer. No more corrupted data.
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    You shouldn't be cloning hdds.. you should be copying the content to another HDD or thumb drive.. then transfer that to the new HDD.. cloning can cause problems.. and limit the amount of space you have if the new HDD is bigger than the previous..
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    It could be also possible that some TVs had problems to handle the HDMI Handshake. In this particular case the screen remains dark.
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    You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to request, you have the right to have problems that require creative solutions that someone here may or may not come up with. If you choose not to remain silent and want to push your luck it will be admissible to the court... of public opinion, that is! Ha, I still watch from time to time. I try not to get too attached to forums these days though, they can take over your life in negative (motivation wise) ways if you lose focus. Figured I'd speak up here when I got a moderation request notice and maybe the whole OT wouldn't devolve further... go figure
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    That's why i prefer not writing negative commments about the 360 Scene. It's not really dead. Not yet. But negativity could push it towards it (quicker). Please be patient, keep calm. Thank you.
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    Awesome work I'm thankful
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    Damn look so good, PLEASE put the real avatar like FSD and sopport for videos for the skins
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    Yes, assuming they are on unity. so will the modified version of FSD, but in my opinion aurora is better.
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    You have 2 options, you can use the xebuild updserv option, which will rebuild your kernel, and transfer the data, or you can copy the folder to a USB drive, and assuming you have the noupdater option in launch.ini enabled, rename it to $$ystemupdate, and boot into nxe by holding RB on the controller as you boot. this will install the data for you, if you have a hdd installed.
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    You have to turn off and back on after update and load the default skin and go to settings to set it up properly. Hope this helps.
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    That video doesnt even show everything. lol. There have been more new features finished since then. lol.
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    great work guys really like all the new features must have took a lot of hard work and time thanks.
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    I'm unable to find j-runner. I would really appreciate somebody could provide a working a link .