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  2. Short answer, unless you are a skilled programmer of network protocols, and also specialize in powerpc64 architecture, there probably isnt much you could do to help this project along. What it comes down to is this. For us with the know how to do this, it is a fun project we work on in our free time. The rest of the time we have paying jobs and family to contend with. And that is just the code end of it.... Then there is waiting for feedback from the testers, and then fixing the bugs they find. It is an involved process happening between like minded people all over the world, so scheduling can be difficult. When the team is ready for open beta, you will know it, though dont expect too much from nova's first release, as from what I have seen the first release wont be anything like what was promised, as they spent most of the development time updating the libraries that are currently used in the freestyle plugin, which is a long and involved process.
  3. Something I can help ??To speed up this process a bit very bit, i know
  4. i updated 110M's avatar already.... my meaning is i enter dashlaunch 3.18.1,the dashlauch says "DASHLAUNCH need update"....
  5. You should use wired connection for constant and stable connection.
  6. Hi im new here, sorry to start asking questions. but i hope someone can help me with this Im on aurora 0.6b r1238 and i have a lot of trainers from this wonderful site, now those same trainers used to work on this same 360 when i was on aurora 0.5 and had no problems i had to replace the HDD and had a lot of trouble making that hdd boot to fsd or aurora, i grabbed a hold of my .ini backup and now i can boot to aurora, everything works fine when booting games. but here is where i have problems. I have aurora as main dashboard. -If i select a trainer , configure it and launch the trainer (aurora trainer) the xbox reboots and start at aurora .-If i launch FSD (trough aurora file manager) and launch a trainer either Aurora trainer or the ones that have a launcher, it doesn't reboot the Xbox but it sends me back to aurora. .-So in order for me to use a trainer, i have to Star xbox, boot to Aurora, Launch FSD (trough Aurora file manager) Launch Aurora (trough FSD file manager) and then its a 50% chance that i can launch a trainer and then the games starts. here is my .ini in case it is needed for you guys to help me [QuickLaunchButtons] Default = Hdd:\aurora\Aurora.xex BUT_A = BUT_B = Hdd:\Freestyle\default.xex BUT_X = Hdd:\Content BUT_Y = Hdd:\Freestyle2.0\default.xex Start = Back = LBump = Guide = Power = [Plugins] plugin1 = plugin2 = plugin3 = plugin4 = plugin5 = [Settings] nxemini = True pingpatch = True contpatch = False fatalfreeze = False fatalreboot = True safereboot = False regionspoof = False region = 0x7FFF dvdexitdash = False xblaexitdash = False nosysexit = False nohud = False noupdater = False debugout = False exchandler = True dumpfile = bootdelay = 0x2A liveblock = True livestrong = False remotenxe = False hddalive = False hddtimer = 210 signnotice = false
  7. My Problem is when i run Pcsxr xbox freezes then reboot it how i can fix it?
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  9. Nice skin, thanks for sharing XD
  10. My guess is that it is an avatar update?
  11. hi guys , i was using aurora all time and its handle swap disk so easily , now i am jus using the original xbox dash (i dont know how they call ) , for some servers , and some games need to swap disk and i dont know how to do it in xbox dash , i see configuration (swap )in dashlaunsh i enable it , but nothing happened , please any info about this
  12. I recently updated my Xbox 360 Slim Corona 4GB Model to the latest dash 17511 from 16XXX. (I followed a tutorial but i don't know if i can post a link to another forum) Everything went fine and my Xbox 360 was updated. (I applied the avatars update too). Dashlaunch was also updated to 3.18.1 from 3.16 and i also copied the new installer in my Xbox's HDD so that the GUI also shows 1.18. I resumed playing BF: Bad Company 2 (extracted ISO) and after some time got a "Fatal Crash Intercepted". I relaunched the game and played the same part (where i got the crash) but this time i got no error and completed that whole level. (I can provide logs of the "simple xbox 360 nand flasher" and "Xebuild" if that helps) So can anyone tell me what caused the "Fatal Crash Intercepted" and what can i do to prevent it from happening again. (It has only happened once since updating. I played LiNK BO2 Multiplayer for an hour after it but nothing happened)
  13. hey guys i am facing a problem with Black Ops 2 system link i join the room normally then the party but when i start playing the connection is always interrupted i am able to play other system link games normally except this game . any suggestions ,solutions or are there any batches or files to download to solve this issue ? thanks
  14. did you try killer instinct if you need it I have it see if you can get that emulator working I get the screen and select game once I select it it gives me an error because you have more knowledge on this can you help me out with this one specifically its in the attachment once you get it working if you can send it back ok thank you PS I Appreciate all the hard work you done for the rgh community buddy kix_1.2.iso
  15. when enter the dashlanch ,it says need to update. but it can use....
  16. Такая говнина эта ваша аврора.....
  17. make sure you have In dashlaunch settings livestrong = false
  18. it looks like the file names arent actually gotten from the scanned ones, but from we have been having a lot of server issues, so it could be the file never got downloaded properly. Check the aurora data dir for titlecache.list, if it is there delete it and try again. if not you could copy that file from your 0.5b version maybe...
  19. when i used 17502+fsd,it can dl official cover and background perfect! after i update to 17511,i can dl official cover and background but can dl costom cover i try both DASHLAUNCH 3.18.1 and DASHLAUNCH 3.18,they dont dl. how 2 fix it?
  20. I have HDD in which i have saved Gamedata file. I want HDD which is usb connected to wifi router, ftp to aurora how should i go?
  21. Nope. I just updated from 0.5b to 0.6b. Via aurora with the online option. I do have the path to be scanned, everything works fine, but the names not showing, only the title I'd numbers. i didn't change anything. But it was working perfectly in 0.5b, that's what's weird to me. thanks.
  22. Adjust by time? That's really pointless.. as different people have their AC set for different temps.. You can always set your fans to auto.. and set the target temps.. as is what is recommended all the time.. so when it's hotter, the fans will pick up, and when it's cooler.. the fans work less.. plain and simple.. AND this option is already apart of dashlaunch..
  23. Hi. First, I would like to say that this is a request for Dashlaunch, but I have not found it in the forum, where to create a request for Dashlaunch, so here it is. My idea is: Create a way to change the speed of the Xbox cooler, according to the time of the console. For example: During the day, until 10pm, let the speed in 70% (as I usually use), and after 22h (in the evening) leave the speed of the cooler at 40%, thus reducing the noise of the cooler, Which bothers me greatly at night. I do not know if it's possible to do it, but I think it's a good idea. Thanks for the attention
  24. I found this it might be helpful for all you guys trying to get this to work I'm not 100 percent if this all works though check it out for yourself ok
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