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  2. Thanks for the .xex file! But I tried it, and the .cue didn't work either. As you said, it was the dump, not the emulator hahah. Thank you very much!
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  4. It seems so that your MMC is write protected. Simple Nand Flasher cant detected, if your MMC its write protected, ( probably your mmc cant be resettet, respectively cannot undo the write protection). The only way to fix the problem is, to solder (to fix) the write protection and re-flash the Image again. The reason for the write protect could also be, that parts of the mmc are damaged/corrupted. Is the RGH your work on your slim, or had it made someone else ?
  5. That's weird... I followed the guide to the letter including all changes required for 4G corona, flashed the nand, no errors, but after reboot the kernel version did not change like nothing happend. What could be the problem? Simple 360 NAND Flasher by Swizzy v1.2 Detecting NAND Type... * Detected MMC NAND device! * Entering MMC/Corona v2 [4GB] Mode... Press A if you want to flash your nand with Rawflash4G v1 Press B if you want to safeflash your nand with Rawflash4G v1 (Dump + Write) Press X if you want to dump your nand with Rawdump4G v1 If you press anything else the application will close... Press Start to flash your nand or press anything else to exit! WARNING! DO NOT TOUCH YOUR CONSOLE OR CONTROLLER DURING THE FLASH PROCESS!! The console will power off when it's done! Checking game:\updflash.bin for spare data... No spare data detected! * rawflash4g v1 started (by Swizzy) Getting NAND Size... * Size: 3000000 (48.00 MB) * Reading in Image to Memory... * Writing image to Flash... <removed> Successfully wrote 0x3000000 bytes from game:\updflash.bin to Flash! Completed after 70.00 seconds Shutting down in 5....4....3....2....1....BYE!
  6. So what should i do then? as you didnt really answer what i said if you know what i mean?
  7. I figured it out you can't have a stealth server on
  8. Hi how are you? Thanks Just try another dump of the game, if you load .bin file if the .cue is in the same folder it will be load. the cue extension is coded not to show to avoid games replication in games list. you can open the cue file on notepad and check wich bin the loading and load that bin, my rayman dump its mdf file I can include option to load .cue files instead later on once i update emulator with gameslist filter to only show .cue files for example in the mean time heres version compile to include .cue files just replace default.xex:!D0o3kJDB!Wu9luXZ-AUBrNHxzvx6vprygTgrsRzQLvfLxk2vwFho
  9. Hi dreamboy! And thank you for your work! Just for asking.. It's supposed that the emulator is compatible with .cue images (I'm trying to load Rayman) but it just doesn't show up the .cue file on the main menu (just a bunch of Track01.bin to Track5x.bin (of course, it doesn't work if I open any track). It's something I'm doing wrong? Or it's hardcoded to hide .cue files on the main menu?
  10. Do other games work? Your emulator might be corrupted, or your copy of the game.
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  12. Do a manual update instead, using the method described here: Make sure you read all the instructions... not sure if you have a 16MB or 4GB corona, 4GB Corona's are a little bit special with this method, but they're described there aswell...
  13. Thanks for your answer. As I mentioned, this is part of a bigger issue... I got Lego Dimensions and wanted to use it with my console but it won't recognize the Toy Pad. I saw some discussions where people solved this by upgrading the kernel. When I tried upgrading the kernel remotely using the updserver feature of DashLaunch, it got to the point of flashing the console and that happened: ------ flashing console ------ sending flash data to console... file sent OK, awaiting result...timeout waiting for data, 0 failed! So I thought maybe a DashLaunch upgrade will solve this, but now I see it might be a HW problem. Is there a test I can do to verify it's a bad NAND problem? BTW My console has a corona board and kernel v. 2.0.16747
  14. Its not loading because it doenst exist. so there is nothing to remove. Aurora tries to load it on boot, but if it is not there it adds a note to the log saying it cant find it. it is not required for everyday use, and only comes in handy for debugging scripts, or other aurora based problems, other than that it just sits in ram, wasting space, that could be used for other stuff. It does not come with aurora by default, just like the coverflow editor dll. It is stuff you can add on to extend certain functions for development. If you continue down the log you should also see issues about cfeditdll(Coverflow editor) and smbdll(Not released yet, might not be mentioned until 0.7b, I dont know off the top of my head, I would have to check). Also, the log is telling you where aurora is looking for it: "Failed to load game:\\Plugins\\NetDbgDll.xex" so if it did exist and was creating issues, which it doesnt, you would erase this file, with what ever method makes you happy(FTP, FileManager, Horizon, XexMenu,etc.)
  15. So just remove it? If so how would i go about this?
  16. if it is possible, there definitely isn't any option showing so.. as i just stated, i couldn't find anything about it.. maybe if you manually edit the lua script, then it might be possible.. but yeah
  17. If your console is not a trinity, then the internal storage space is part of your actual nand. So the chip could be bad, so while you can read from it, you might not be able to write to it. I would convert the console to a 16mb nand. and try again. that is a lot of work though, and there is no point in updating dashlaunch if you dont update the nand. there are no new features in the newer builds, other than making it work with the latest kernels.
  18. Avoid the beta versions, as there arent any official xebuild dash versions that I know of for beta. SU is all that is needed to create a dash, if you already have xebuild. I would start by flashing xell and finding out what CB you are running, then I would check the CB to dash chart(Used to be on TX forums, but I havnt checked in a while), and then build a donor retail nand for that dash, then create your glitch nand(Latest dash) out of the donor retail nand.
  19. Added Pcsxr 2.1.1 to OP.
  20. Hi all, The DashLaunch issue is part of a bigger story, but let's take it one at a time... I have a slim 360 with RGH. The DashLaunch version is 3.12. When I run the newest DashLaunch (3.18) from a USB drive it detects the older version and suggest an update, but if I press the update button everything freezes. I don't know if it's related, but a while back I had a crash of the internal storage space, and it appears on the console as unformatted storage device (any attempt to format it simply fails). I had to re-create the player profiles and use part of the USB HDD as XBOX storage to keep save files, but it holds and the console is usable. Any ideas what's causing the DashLaunch to freeze? Any other way to update the version?
  21. are you loading from external / internal hdd? i've tested with my internal 500gb hdd and i dont have speed issues on my falcon jtag. do you have rgh jtag? xbox 360 phat/slim ? can you also try to delete the previous profile settings and create a new one for the game? if you can p.m a video of the system runing on your end please
  22. power button of psx eject button is for disc swap
  23. But official update will work with each one (SU, beta or Beta(su only)) for RGH/JTAG? I have to download right kernel for preparing with xebuild. Which one?
  24. When we make the combo using LB + RB + ABXY where is the option to change game, because only the option of reset that in the case restarts the game
  25. I hope you don't mind but ive been waiting for this release for quite some time. It is still unresponsive when i load it on my xbox. Am i doing something wrong? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A long time ago i tried running it from the Hdd but ill try it again. Mine is a jtag fat xbox called jasper. ill be glad to make a video soon
  26. I get a black screen, I have checked and the game is Backwards Compatible so what gives?
  27. @gavin_darkglider You can now add PcsxR360 2.1.1 to the list
  28. Hi guys how are you? sorry for the late reply, i've been busy at work lately,plus i've been having ram issues on my pc.. here's the new PCSXr360 v2.1.1a:!605FnC6L!NMhKiaTTt_0Nc9zkFgZaPQqTDvsNjlv4Z9iUflgWOw4 Source:!O1B1VJJD!jZabbZMvMaMnvrHDDYh2dV5i9-5kBvfmM5qZ8so-o6c Here's the change log: -- Fixed sync game selected between cover modes -- Added image for Devices -- Fixed ui freeze (press LT+RT to get back to function properly before) -- Added Swizzy rom loading data support from aurora now with gameprofile support -- Re-Added psx.iso autoboot for freestyle dash/ aurora cover mode, now with gameprofile support. You have to put psx.iso in emulator root folder, and psx.iso.ini in the gameprofile folder and set AutobootIso = 1 in pcsx.ini on the emulator root -- Fixed covermode initial value [cover modes freeze] -- Fixed profile menu now working with profile setup for each individual game as it was initialy supposed to -- Emulator assets are now packed into PsxSkin.xzp -- Fixed LoadGameProfile at current selection so you dont have to press Y button to load gamesettings for booting game profile correctly -- Fixed game profile loading after exit a game to select new game to play -- Fixed shaders to re-add it into gameprofile settings instead of another .ini file in gameshaders since it doesnt make much sense -- Added psedo new OsdMenu -- Some code cleanups -- New osdmenu ingame combo LB + RB + ABXY, now you dont need to change freestyle dash screenshot combo anymore Whats not included in this release yet for the lack of time/ not finished: -- Html Game Guide -- Games sorting by first letter -- 4 player multitap support known issues: XUI Issue on osdmenu: if you autoboot psx.iso or load a rom from aurora, it kinda works.. but it will open main scene first then you have to select a game and it will open osdmenu and resume the supposed action. after that you can use it normaly Enjoy guys
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