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  3. Hi, every first time I boot on aurora 0.6b, I get a message error ''bad string''. I check in the log file on the data folder of aurora and I have these error line : { "time" : "11:14:14.638", "thread" : "0xF9000000", "type" : "error", "filter" : "DllBase", "message" : "Failed to load game:\\Plugins\\NetDbgDll.xex" } { "time" : "11:14:14.640", "thread" : "0xF9000000", "type" : "warning", "filter" : "NetDbgDll", "message" : "Failed to load NetDbgDll" } ... { "time" : "{ "time" : "11:14:21.80611:14:21.824", "thread" : "", "thread" : "0xF90000500xF9000040", "type" : "", "type" : "normalerror", "filter" : "", "filter" : "ContentCallbackDllBase", "message" : "", "message" : "Content Manager added 108 items from the content cacheFailed to load game:\\Plugins\\CFEditDll.xex" } " } ... { "time" : "11:14:21.855", "thread" : "0xF900004C", "type" : "error", "filter" : "DllBase", "message" : "Failed to load game:\\Plugins\\SmbDll.xex" } { "time" : "11:14:21.856", "thread" : "0xF9000044", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "SkinManager", "message" : "Adding Cache: 2 Levels, Path: memory:\/\/40200030,467C71#Game_Options_Synopsis.xur" } ... { "time" : "11:14:21.857", "thread" : "0xF900004C", "type" : "error", "filter" : "SMBServer", "message" : "Failed to load SmbDll" } Anyone know how to fix these error ?
  4. I think this file is not of influence for the filter. The file is for the plugin to see if the game is compatible. The filter gets it information from the DB, and that information is part of the cover xml from xbox unity. Could you pm me your content.db from the data folder? Also, you can try to refresh the artwork of Black Ops 2 to see if that changes the setting.
  5. I have a similar problem, when I look in subtitles, example Black Ops 2, it shows as LinK not supported and in the subtitles from Borderlands 2 it shows as LinK supported. My filters is working as see borderlands 2 but not Black Ops 2. Both games plays fine and connect to system link rooms normally. I believe the problem began after updating to aurora 0.6b. Which file should I delete? Can you be more specific? Thanks in advance!
  6. This skin is available in SKIN DOWNLOADER SCRIPTS
  7. debug.log.last
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  9. You can always upload to mediafire, mega, or where ever.. and share the link on this thread.. simple solution really.. instead of complaining about 1 small error..
  10. Could be as simple as deleting the file in the plugins folder, it's worked in the past with similar issues
  11. The Content of this years E3 Show has not been made public yet, but its no secret that Microsoft project Xbox Scorpio becomes this Year the main Focus of Microsofts Fan Event. Microsoft's E3 2017 press briefing live stream kicks off @ June 11, starting at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. You can watch the show over Xbox Live and/or external live stream (I´m adding the streaming link to this posting, if its available).
  12. the filters are fine, i'm going to assume that when the server crashed last month, something is missing from the api. aurora downloads a list of systemlink compatable title id's, if that fails, no games are supported. we will look into this
  13. Alright looks like I'm gonna have to buy some stuff thanks swizzy and salah.rgh2
  14. Still waiting for this to be fixed!
  15. You'd use IDA Pro to read how the default.xex runs, and from there you might find that some of these "zip" files may contain code aswell that gets executed (but runs in a different format then the XEX)
  16. You can record video and gameplay audio using xbmovie (or atleast i think you can get the gameplay audio with it) however, it doesn't really work all that well... Dedicated hardware (capture card) is really the way to go to get the ultimate experience
  17. The advantage with a console is that you KNOW games will just run, they won't crash because of your antivirus/drivers, and it'll run the same for everyone (unlike on PC where different hardware specs may give you an advantage over others and vice versa or drivers causing the game to crash, even antivirus software does this)
  18. I'm having the same problem. I made a Quick View for LiNK and the only filter selected is Misc.LiNK Supported. Nothing will show up in the list. Even tried XBOX 360 AND Misc.LiNK Supported. I think some of the filters are broken in Aurora v0.6.
  19. Thanks for the help. How would recommend figuring out the default.xex file to learn how those "zip" files are being used?
  20. you can use xbmovie with rgloader..But doesn't work all that well anyhow I advise you buy a capture device ;-)
  21. Hello everyone, i just wanted to know if there is anyway of recording gameplay from aurora 0.6b and can a mic be used? Or how about some type of live streaming like twitch? I know you can't go on live but maybe transfer to my PC. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  22. I agree with you to some degree, the cpu is usually the interesting part & usually sony / microsoft make consoles with far ahead technology. In other words, you get a respected machine for multimedia. It doesnt make sense to own an xbox, ps4 and a pc considering all the console games are going to run on PC, what a waste of money and space. I believe the initial price point of the ps3 is the cause of all this madness combined with how hard "Coding" on powerPc is.
  23. All consoles are pc's in a box.. lol.. just depends on the coding language, and the hardware specs, that makes em different.. since ps4/xb1 use x86 architecture this time around, they are more closer to pc's.. hence why m$ can do the play anywhere titles, because the games dont have to be converted lol.. But yeah atari, nes, snes, playstation, gameboy's, sega, all of their consoles are pc's lol..
  24. The files are basically zips without the extensiom, the default.xex has the info on how to use those files.. each game company uses a diff compression method..
  25. My brother's ps4 was collecting dust in my room for a year, this console generation is rubbish. However, there are few promising titles coming in 2017 (Horizon, Last of Us, God of war, etc) mostly exclusive to say the least. I think ps5 will be released in 2018 to compete with scorpio. The only true "next gen" console is wii u; the others are simply pc in a branded box. I hope Sony/Microshaft switch to IBM
  26. Hi. I have just managed to solve this issue. Here are the steps for those having the same problem: Initially I converted from XEX to GOD by using ExISO but it did not work. So I found a youtube video where a guy suggested to convert from XEX to GOD by using 360mpGUI-v1.5. That´s what I did. 1 - Converted from XEX to ISO by using 360mpGUI-v1.5 2 - I took the ISO and converted to GOD by using the ISO2GOD => Very important in this step: you have to select FULL ISO REBUILT in Padding options. I first tried to convert to GOD by using the NONE option but it did not work. 3 - After the game is converted to GOD, just copy to your connectx share and enjoy. Additional Tip: I really prefer using GOD instead of XEX. In the past I tried to convert some of my games from XEX to GOD by using ExISO and then ISO2GOD but some of them worked and some did not. I'm not sure, but I guess that my error in the past was to use ExISO and the option NONE in padding options inside ISO2GOD. What I did differently was to use 360mpGUI-v1.5 and Full ISO Rebuilt in some more games just for testing purposes and it seems to be working on all of them. It looks like I will spend the whole weekend converting my XEX games to GOD by using the steps above #AuroraRocks
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